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released April 20, 2015, Paper Bag Records (Worldwide)

An album of Valley soul. Written over 3 years in Ottawa, Vieux Loup (french for "old wolf") collects thoughts on broken systems and worn out patterns: the old wolves that no longer lead us. The album's 8 songs weave spare electronics, minimalist aesthetics, improvisation, and subtle wordplay into one of The Acorn's most evocative and dreamy albums. 



released 2010 Paper Bag Records (Canada) / Bella Union (EU/US)
In the summer of 2009, the Acorn retreated from two years on the road to an isolated cottage in Northern Quebec to begin work on their third full-length album, No Ghost. Songs took shape at all hours, crafted from hazy late-night improvisations, early morning melodies pulled from the thinning threads of sleep. Modernity clashed with the bucolic via exploratory percussion, feedback, acoustic textures and the natural surrounding sounds. The band then traded trees for telephone poles to finish recording in a sweltering heatwave at Montreal’s Treatment Room Studios (Plants & Animals, Angela Desveaux). There, the breezy ease of rural surrounds was buried under sweat-caked skin and cracked asphalt, birdsong drowned out by thick air and engine hum. No Ghost is a recording swaddled in dichotomy: togetherness and isolation, acoustic and electric, destruction and restoration.



released 2007 Paper Bag Records (Canada) / 2008 Bella Union (EU/US)

Inspired by experimental folk and the indigenous music of Honduras, GHM is a biographical concept album exploring the turbulent childhood and eventual Canadian emigration of Rolf Klausener's mother, Gloria Esperanza Montoya. It was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize in 2008. 



released 2007 Paper Bag Records (Canada)
The band's 2rd EP skirts a weird line between dark and light, country nights and city lights. 


released 2005 Kelp Records (Canada)
The Acorn's first release as a collective took finger-picked primitivism and swaddled it in polyrhythms and kitchen-sink experimentalism. 


released 2004 Kelp Records (Canada) 

A mostly-instrumental, electro-acoustic tribute to the Ottawa Valley. Recorded over the summer of 2003, features a wild mix of naive engineering, field recordings, and a healthy mix of minimal electro.